Math to Cash

Math to Cash is a tabletop math game where players collect coins using their knowledge of simple math equations. The game engages kids to think differently about numbers. Up to nine players can pick up coins that match challenge cards.

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Uniquely challenging family math game!

Math to Cash is played on a dynamically-constructed board. It challenges you to find coins that match mathematical attributes.

Ready To Play?

Arrange the interlocked hexagonal game board pieces any way you like. Randomly place the coins. Shuffle the challenge cards at start collecting cash!
On each turn, a player has 30 seconds to perform one of three actions, the most common being:

  • Draw the next challenge card
  • Roll a die
  • Find a coin that matches the currently exposed challenge
  • Move their token based on the number rolled
  • Claim the coin that matches a challenge

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Note that you can play without the board by matching coins to attribute cards.

Challenge Cards:

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